Digestive Issues Affect Millions of Americans - BREAK THE SILENCE

Article, Gastroparesis in Comparison to Cancer, Author - Tanya L Taylor, Editor - Cindy Carter( link just below)

GP and ME
Gastroparesis and ME,  whose Fiscal Sponsor is Teen Moms Fresh Start,(a MD 501c3 Nonprofit Organization sponsoring Gastroparesis and ME)  is for all of those who are surviving with, or know someone surviving with Silent Illnesses:  Gastroparesis, Ehlers-Danlos, Dysautonomia, POTS, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, Cranial-Instability, Arnold-Chiari Malformation, and so on.  Many people have more than one these illnesses.

If you live undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with health issues that are over-bearing and even tortuous at times, life can seem impossible to get through.  It is important we all work together to help each other live through this while a cure is being found.

We need to make sure educational information is available in more , so those living undiagnosed or misdiagnosed have access to information that could make their lives much easier to live and deal with.

It is important to do everything we can to bring awareness to what is happening to millions of people, so that misdiagnosing stops and compassion and care begins. 

Coram Specialty Infusion Services is one infusion company helping the need of those living on iv nutrition.  Combining efforts to bring Nutritional Support to those who depend on TPN, JTube, GJ, alternative nutrition; and provide assistance in in different states.

A few moments of Dorothy getting up and going to a former doctor's table during dinner at a restaurant.

Will someone before too many more people have to lose their lives?

Tanya leaning on big tree at Heathers closer shot

This pic was from , 2012.

Look below, look how different life can be from day to day for those with GP.  By showing you my life, and others throughout the site, we can help bring a voice to others who cannot show you theirs.

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Gastroparesis, Not great doctor visit or day
Its nice to make a first impression and put on a smile. But what about all of the other moments, days. Those with Gastroparesis not only want you to understand, but need you to understand the import...
September 25, 2012.  Its been a hard day.  New , another day.

I can make it through anything, and accomplish anything, through support, kindness, and love.  Anyone with a life threatening illness can do anything they set their minds to.

Don't judge my appearance, look at me on the inside and what I am able to do.  Don't judge my appearance on good days and think I am fine.  I have Gastroparesis, among other things that accompany this.  Each day I strive to be the best I can be.

I was a gymnast when I was young.  I played multiple instruments as well.  When I was older, I raised my daughter as a single for 14 years.  I started and operated two prior business before forming Teen Moms Fresh and Gastroparesis and ME, LLC.  The word "Me" in Gastroparsis and ME, LLC means everyone with GP.

ABOUT US:  Gastroparesis And ME has several goals. (1) Raise Funds for Research; (2) Raise Funds for to those who have GP, EDS, Dysautonomia; (3) Raise Awareness for Support; (4) Create Awareness about the Necessity for Understanding and Compassion; (5) Create more Resources for Families to connect to other Families living with these torturous illnesses; (6) Pass legislation that will protect those with this group of illnesses.

Gastroparesis And ME is one more Resource available for support and information about Gastroparesis, and other Silent Illnesses that seem to run together.

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